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recent hosts

Mayor of California

Host Mayor of City Vallejo California (USA) Feb 2014.

Harvard Law School

Host Harvard Law School (USA)

Tanzania National Business Council

Host of the 2009 Tanzania National Business Council Conference - TNBC 7th (seventh) International Investors' Round Table held in Zanzibar.

Quatar Sultan Zanzibar Visit

In 2010, we hosted the visit of the Quatar Sultan, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani. We have been the visits' host twice in 2010.

The first visit was in September 2010 and the second in October 2010.

Seton Hall University

Every year, we have been hosting the visits of students and judges from Seton Hall University - USA, in Zanzibar.


We've been working with Zanzibar Youth Education Environment Development - ZAYEDESA in organizing their transport, accommodation, and much more, during their conferences.

FLORISS - Norway

In March of the year 2011, we have organized the transfer and excursion for the FLORISS group from Norway and it was a successful and unforgetable service.


In September 2011, we hosted the visit of the Chief of Defense Forces (Tanzania People's Defense Force) General Davis Mwamunyange in Zanzibar.